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Since we're a boating club, we have some info on learning to sail, learning about boating, and even about other boating clubs we know and like. Much of the resources here cover not just Marina del Rey, but the Los Angeles coast and even the country or world.


Places in the LA area to learn to sail, learn about boating, etc.
Also some online resources.

US Sailing
Want to learn about racing rules, check out sailing programs, learn about seamanship and such? Seeking places to sail or to rent boats? Looking for a sailing school, powerboat school, (even wind surfing)? This is a great site for all that and more.

Fairwind Yacht Club

More than just a yacht club--Fairwinds owns and operates a fleet of 13 boats from 14 to 40 feet.  They will teach you how to sail and give you access to their fleet for nominal quarterly dues.  It's an incredibly affordable alternative to boat ownership.

The starting point for an excellent collection of articles covering basic sailing skills. Sailnet is a huge site with a vast store of sailing information.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary regularly offers courses in LA (and other places) for about $40 or $50. These courses are typically: Sailing & Seamanship, Sailing Fundamentals, and Basic/Advanced Coastal Navigation, and Introduction to GPS. This link is directly to Flotilla 42 Marina del Rey.

Baysail's Online Keelboat Sailing Course

This free online course will teach you the theory of sailing including nautical definitions, sail trim, safety, and even your basic sailing knots.  If you're looking to get into sailing, this is a great place to start!

CA Dept of Boating & Waterways: ABCs of the California Boating Law
An overview of California state laws pertaining to boating operation and safety.

A Guide to Racing Techniques
This is a detailed introduction to the sport of sailboat racing, written by Mark Johnson and posted in 1995. It focuses particularly on intercollegiate racing in small sailboats such as the FJ and the Laser. However, the ideas can be applied to most other boats.

Navigation Skills
This is an online course on marine navigation. The first chapter deals with the basics, then the level increases rapidly.

The California Sailing Cooperative
A non-profit organization where you can inexpensively learn about sailing per American Sailing Association standards.


California Sailing Academy
From their website:
California Sailing Academy offers three progressive near coastal sailing courses. CSA 1, 2 & 3 are taught on 22 to 30 foot sloops with complete equipment, that are appropriate to the course content. We start you out in 27 foot pure sailing boats, sailing mostly inside the marina. This gives you the opportunity to safely learn the basics of sailing without relying on auxiliary power. In CSA 2, we introduce boats with engines that are similar to the coastal sailboats you would likely sail on your own.


Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.

The Santa Monica Basin's buoy information
National Data Buoy Center shares the data put out by its buoys. Learn Wind, Atmospheric Pressure, Temperatures, and more.

Marine Weather Forecast
The direct link to the current conditions and five-day forecast for the local coastal waters provided by the National Weather Service.

is the ultimate weather-geek site. It has the details on all sorts of water conditions. It's a particularly cool site if you're into tracking hurricanes and such. It's also got aviation weather.

The Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center
has some great information about the various regions of the world including the Pacific Ocean climates and weather.


Some other sources that can help you in your pursuit of time on the water.

UK Sailmakers' Rules Quiz
How well do you know the rules of sailing? Here's a quiz for you.

Apparent Wind
An online resource full of links to sailing and maritime information. Sailing enthusiast Mark Rosenstein started this site as a single page around 1993 and continues to add to it.

A world wide directory of Yacht Clubs and Boating Associations. There is also a collection of Nautical links.

KNOTS to MPH chart
From 20 knots to 165 knots, this page lists the equivalent miles per hour.

Sailing & Boating Clubs in Southern California

If you're not in the Marina del Rey area, you might want to check out these other single sailing clubs.

Dana Point Singles At Sea

Long Beach Singles Sailing Association

Polaris Sailing Society  San Diego, CA (Point Loma)

And if you're in the market to join an affordable yacht club...

May we recommend our host club, Pacific Mariners Yacht Club. It's a casual atmosphere, the people are nice, and it's a self-service club, which means members can enter regardless of what time they get in from boating.


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